Only Affiliate Marketing SCAM offers getting found at the social networks

by Rudolf Faix 4. July 2015 06:24

Pyramid systemAffiliate marketers are you really so stupid and think that you can sell money?

Do you not know that everybody knows that you cannot take out more from a pot than it is inside?

As long as you are not offering a product, which should get sold from the affiliates and the affiliates are getting their commission, is your system only an illegal pyramid system or Ponzi scheme!!! Participating and promoting in such a system can bring you only into jail.

A pyramid system is an unsustainable business model that involves promising participants payment or services, primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than supplying any real investment or sale of products or services to the public.

Various forms of pyramid systems are illegal in many countries including the United States and numerous European countries.

As Europe enforced the law that promises in the promotion are enforceable in front of law court, the illegal sales systems disappeared very fast. Only some legal systems like Tupperware, Jeunesse, Amway and a few others are remaining. Some of this companies even needed to change their sales and promotion structure to be conform with the local law. The story about Amway at WikiPedia shows how the law has changed the world of affiliate marketing. You should think about it before you promote such a system - especially if you are not able to pay fines of a few million dollars!

Why you are trying to sell money? Do you really hope that you can find some people, which are more stupid then you are by yourself?

In such pyramid or Ponzi schemes only the people on top are earning. The people at the bottom of the pyramid are only losing their money. It does not matter if you need "only" to pay a small sign-up and/or membership fee. In any case you can use this money in a better way or are you already so poor that you like to get a place to sleep and food for free of charge by going to jail?


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