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by Rudolf Faix 22. June 2015 17:42

ClixSenseEvery business tries to save money. In this case ClickSense has hired absolutely beginners for programming their systems. It seems that these programmers got hired directly from the school. They have designed a system without any networking experience. Additional is the system full of errors.

As I have relocated more then one year ago from Austria to the Philippines I'm still using my laptop bought in Austria, with German Windows system and with the Austrian time zone settings. I did not change the time zone settings because it is easier for me to take a look at the watch on the computer for the time to call someone in Austria. Depending on the daylight saving time in Austria is the time difference to the Philippines between 6 and 7 hours.

I have tried to make a survey after signing up at ClixSense, I got the message: "Access to this page has been denied. Access via a Proxy/VPN/VPS or from a country not on your profile is not permitted." As I have used my Philippines address and only a simple wireless router I did not feel myself guilty for this and wrote a ticket that their location system is not working correct.

The fast reply from ClixSense has been:

Hello, our system is working correctly. This problem could be related to any number of things, but the first to check is the time on your PC to make sure it's correct. Also, please check the time zone setting as well. This could be the cause of this issue. If you find the time is off make sure you log out of ClixSense, make the change to your PC, then log back in.

Thank you

As their payment offer is not the best one at the market and I don't let teasing myself from incompetent people and systems I have written them an appropriate response and deleted my account. Nobody has to say me which settings I have to use on my computer. I use this settings, which I like to use and not this one, which others need to fulfill their happiness.

During the sign-up at ClixSense you get automatically signed up at too. For this I tried to delete my account at too. There has been the same or another incompetent programmer working, because I got the following error message:

We're sorry, but an error occurred while trying to process your request. This error has been logged and submitted to our technical staff. If this is the first time you've encountered this error, you may want to click the back button on your browser and try again. We're sorry for any inconvenience.

My opinion: ClixSense should provide a good service, a good and usable system and a good payout to keep their users. Only maximizing their own earnings will be a commercial suicide. As I could do nothing as make some clicks on some advertising I even could not prove if at least the counting is working correct. Where I find two programming errors within a few minutes there would a lot more get found.


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