Affiliate Marketing - is it a way for getting rich?

by Rudolf Faix 8. June 2015 12:23

Affiliate MarketingLet us first take a view about the definition of being rich. My own definition of being rich is: It is not a matter of the amount of money you have. You’ll be rich if you are satisfied with that what you have. If you are not happy with your life then money cannot help you. Very poor are this ones, which are sitting in a golden cage already and are running behind their investments, because they cannot trust someone.

Affiliate marketing is an easy system. The affiliates are sending traffic to the seller for no cost. Only when a sale occurs then the affiliate gets her commission. The affiliate needs to have enough visitors on her homepage for earning something on this way. The most websites don’t have this traffic.

If your website has enough traffic then is an easy system:

  • Select an affiliate offer to promote
  • Send traffic to the sales page the way you like
  • And wait until someone buys something that you can make money online


The only problem for the affiliate is:

  • The customer is not the one of the affiliate
  • The affiliate gets only paid once
  • The advertiser may pull the offer
  • The advertiser may lower the payout
  • Competitors are coming up

Real business is done on by keeping the customer and inviting them for new offers. For this the most affiliate networks are offering a very high commission rate for the initial sale. They are making the big money in the recurring sales.

You can beat the system by the following steps:

  • Choose a series of affiliate products from the same interest you are promoting
  • Create a free eBook about the interest for giving away
  • Create a own squeeze page offering the free eBook
  • Promote and capture the leads generated by the squeeze page
  • Deploy and email auto responder for building up a relationship with your new subscribers
  • Recommend affiliate products and services for your subscribers


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