Scammer: ShoeMoney - Jeremy Shoemaker - cheats already for US$1, what will happen with higher sums?

by Rudolf Faix 20. August 2015 10:29

ShowMoneyShoeMoney needed 10 days for answering a complaint that their software has a bug and their Facebook share detection and their promised payout is not working. Their answer shows that they are not interested in it. We know that scammer are lazy for this they are inventing some advertisements with promises of high earnings for selling you something useless. They are even not interested in fulfilling their misleading promotions. For this they lie all the time.

I can only recommend to everybody: Don't trust any advertisement. If someone promises you something than don't continue to spend some money before you got the promises fulfilled.

The fraud of the advertisement is already planned in the system. I don't know any other reason why they lie already in their support answer. I have no reason to sign-up many times at their system. I have seen already enough by the one time I signed up for writing my report found at "ShoeMoney - Jeremy Shoemaker: misleading promotion for getting access to Paypal accounts?". The answer from Amanda Hutch from confirms only the fraud in their system. If I would have more accounts at their site, then they needed to have paid at least the first time, but my Paypal account received during the last 3 years only the payments from Uento!

This shows the poor situation of the affiliate/MLM marketing. This market is already down and some people are trying with unbelievable advertisings to find a few stupid people, which are believing into their promotion. The same gets found here at ShoeMoney. To promote their own system they are promising you the heaven on earth but they are even not able to fulfill their US$1 promise for a Facebook and/or Twittershare. I think that the Facebook share detection is working, but they even like to get more promotion for their US$1. I'll recomment everybody to delete the sharing from ShoeMoney from your timeline and Twitter pages.

The misleading promotion from the ShoeMoney website:

Screenshot of the misleading promotion from the ShoeMoney website

They like to sell you only some hosting and systems as we can read at my previous report about ShoeMoney. With this action they have destroyed the little bit of their reputation they had until now. My opinion is that they are nothing else than fraudster and scammer. I don't believe them anything what is coming from their site!

The email from ShoeMoney:

ShoeMoney Network <>

20:35 (vor 10 Stunden)
an mich

Good afternoon.

The reason you have not received your rewards in your account is because I show you have multiple accounts with the network.

This is against our Terms of Service to have two accounts.


Amanda Hutch
Client Specialist

On Mon, Aug 10, 2015 at 9:33 PM CDT, Rudolf Faix <> wrote:

The announced $1 did not arrive at my Paypal account until now. Are you only collecting Paypal addresses?

On Mon, Aug 10, 2015 at 9:03 PM CDT, Rudolf Faix <> wrote:

The Facebook share detection is not working

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