John Chow dot Com - how good is he really?

by Rudolf Faix 24. June 2015 16:23

John ChowJohn Chow is calling himself at his Facebook profile John Chow dot Com. That is a reason for me to take a closer look at his work and his offers. First I have taken a look into his free eBook, what he offers.

The title of this eBook is "The ultimate online profit model" with the subtitle "The Ultimate Guide to Making Six-Figure Monthly Income on the Internet and Living The Dot Com Lifestyle". The Acrobat file has 50 pages. After title, content and self-congratulation the eBook starts at page 15 with an explanation of "The Affiliate Marketing Model" and the disadvantages of this model. At page 22 starts "The Affiliate Marketing Model That I Use". There he explains the model that you should be a real reseller of the products, create your own brand and collect the email addresses for your marketing activities.This system is absolutely correct because the money is not made with the teaser or promotion articles. The money is made with the repeating satisfied customers.

At page 24 he starts already with the tools you should use for your marketing activities. Don't worry he is a good businessman and has not forgotten to add his affiliate links to the tools. The tools, which he recommends are AWeber and LeadPages. For hosting of the high expected traffic he recommends the service from HostGator. As each online shop needs to describe their products and make promotion for it he is recommending his own services IM John Chow, Blogging with John Chow, WP Blog Videos and Work From No Home.

A dot Com millionaire need to get a a lot of traffic to this sites. Such sites should rank nearly to Google (Alexa global ranking #1), Facebook (Alexa global ranking #2), LinkedIn (Alexa global ranking #14), etc.

IM John Chow:

Building a successful online empire from scratch

A typical site how is it today normal for affiliate marketing sites. You have a caption - in this case in the background graphics integrated - and a video, which is starting immediately. With other words nothing what search engines can use for generating their index for the site. The only machine readable text is the membership fee "Just $47.00 (Plus $47 a month if you remain a member of IM John Chow)" and the disclaimer from ClickBank at the bottom of the site. Such a site is normally a big secret in the World Wide Web. If you do not promote the site by yourself permanently you'll not get some visitors to this site. This get shown by taking a look at the global ranking from Alexa:

Alexa ranking of

A global Alexa ranking of 1,500,000 equals to around 10 unique visitors a month, around 1% will click on a promotion link and from this one, which are clicking on a promotion link will only 0.5% buy the product if the product has a good promotion. With other words this site cannot be the source of his income. If you like to close or leave the page a script will hindrance you and like to give you a special offer. After confirming two popups you are able to leave the page.


Blogging with John Chow:

This is a special site. Here shows us John Chow that he even does not know that there are server site scripts available. If you are using an ad blocker in your browser, then you get the following view:

an impressing screenshot of

As we see the dot Com millionaire has no real content on the site. Such a site is useless and will not bring any visitor from search engines. Even this site is a big secret in the World Wide Web. The global Alexa ranking shows it too:

Alexa ranking of bloggingwithjohnchow,com

The above Alexa ranking shows us that this is not really the site from where the millions of dollars are coming. For this we need to take the next one.


WP Blog Videos:

At this site we see again that John Chow or his web designer has no idea about the Internet and the functionality of search engines because the caption of the site is a graphic, which cannot get read from the search engines. At least this site contains more text, which can get indexed from the search engines. Anyway the content is nothing else than the usual self praising and he like to sell on this site a training for blogging with WordPress in seven modules for $97.


One of this modules contains SEO (Search Engine Optimizing). I think about which content the SEO training can have if John Chow proves already at his own sites that does not have any idea about search engines. OK, this site has more machine readable content then the other ones, but the Alexa global ranking show us that even this site is not the source of his income - the site has the nearly the same ranking like the site

Alexa ranking of wpbö


Work From No Home:

By opening this site we get a nice surprise from the WOT (Web Of Trust) browser plugin:

WOT warning showed at


If we continue going to the site we get the next surprise (I have used another browser):

Sold Out

This site is not his income too. Why does he name it in this case in his eBook? Only for filling the space?

After seven pages of unbelievable praising his sites, which have no success, he starts promoting the business from Matt Lloyd of Perth, Australia: My Online Business Empire" ( and "My Top Tier Business" ( This promotion starts at page 31 and ends at page 46. This promotion is highly exaggerated that it only can be a SCAM. I'll analyze the sites during the next days.

Summary: John Chow started with blogging very early as the blogs have been coming up. He made a good impression with his blog and he has chosen the right topic at the right time. His first book has been "Make Money Online: Roadmap of a Dot Com Mogul". He generated a few more books about getting rich from his blogs, The books are getting offered at Amazon. I think that he made a good income with his first book, but like every time a followup is never so good as the premiere. A copy of this idea with the same topic is already not possible, because there are already too many competitors at the market available. The trial attempts from above are showing us that he is searching a new income method. He tries it by creating a brand with his name. At the above ranking values we can see how successful he is by doing this. He seems to be a good writer but the ranking values are telling us another story about his attempt to be a business man.

As we can see at his sites he does not have any idea about Internet business and SEO. We can find a lot of his fails at his Facebook page (.pdf (79.64 mb)) too. It is no shame to fail - you have to learn by your own mistakes. It is only cheaper to learn by the mistakes of others. In the case of John Chow I ask myself if his "Ultimate Online Profit Model" is based on experience or is the source only his fantasy? Where ends the promotion and where starts the reality?

The only one of his sites, which has a good ranking is My opinion is that this site gets visited from the readers and fans of his books. These people are hoping to get rich too. Especially he has the best ranking in India - a low wage country where most of the people are very poor. He gives to the visitors of his page the dream of getting fast and easily rich. The only one which is getting rich with such a system is site owner and the people on the top of the legal pyramid.

Alexa ranking of


Google+ Profile John Chow (pdf) (44.98 mb)

LinkedIn Profile John Chow (pdf) (1.98 mb)

Twitter Profile John Chow (pdf) (1.97 mb)


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Suspicious Sites

Spamming Blog comments and Forums

by Rudolf Faix 21. June 2015 11:49

No SpamSpammers have tried to post their stupid content 143 times since June 8, 2015 as comments to my articles at the Affiliates Marketing Reviews blog. More than 70% from this postings got automatically deleted.

Spamming blog comments and forums does not help you in SEO or brings you more visitors to your page. All the CMS (Content Management Systems) are adding by default the attribute 'nofollow' to the links entered in the comments area. This is telling to the search engine crawlers that they should not follow the link. It can even happen that you get exact the opposite result then you like if your links got collected to many times with a 'nofollow' attribute and the search engine interprets them as spam. In such a case your ranking will get lower instead of higher.

By following the links from the spammer I have seen a lot of suspicious sites, which are it even not worth to write a negative review about them because they are a big secret in the world wide web. With an Alexa global ranking of 3 million and above would be even a negative review a promotion for the site which is bringing more visitors in one week than they have during one year.

The most of this spammer are only looking how to get as much money as possible during a short time. For this they are trying to sell some useless products. This spammer are so stupid that they even don't know it, that as higher the promised earnings per sale is as more difficult is it to sell the product. They are still dreaming from "getting rich quick".

The scammer would have more success if they would invest the time for writing SEO or quality content for their site instead of searching for forums and blogs where they could drop their content.

In any case they should make first a product background check if the offered product itself is not already a scam. It is hard to sell something if the sales page gets already blocked from a Virus security system like 360 Total Security, Adguard/Adblock plus, Web Of Trust or some other browser filter. This makes the sales page not really trustful and keeps potential customers away. The ad blockers are already coming to a problem for the advertisers. A lot of people are already using such ad blocker.

There are enough good solutions for promoting a good product. If a product is already listed as useless in forums or blogs, then you need not promote it. In such a case it would be better to search for a better product and which you are able to handle. If you know nothing about the product, then you would not be able to promote and sell it. You need not try to sell dubious male enhancer, anti aging products, body building helpers, etc. if you are not able to present the product. Making a single webpage is not enough to attract visitors or get a good position at the search engines.


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Affiliates & MLM Marketing

Failures in the landing pages and in the affiliate systems

by Rudolf Faix 12. June 2015 10:15

Globe with flagsTake a look at Alexa how popular the ad blocking services from (world ranking today: 40,717) and (world ranking today: 6,477) are. In such a case is it very recommended to check the advertising system of your affiliate system against these services.

Even if you think that is not so important because you are using other promotion methods then a website, you should check your landing page if the links are not getting filtered. A landing page, which gets blocked or which does not show the promotion is only a waste of time and resources.

Do you think one of the visitors, which gets such a warning will continue visiting your site?

Warning! Could be unsafe!

Adguard has blocked access to this page

This web page at, has been reported as a malware page and has been blocked based on your security preferences.

Adguard has found that malicious software may be installed onto your computer if you proceed. If you've visited this site in the past or you trust this site, it is possible that it has just recently been compromised by a hacker. We recommend you to not proceed or try again later.

Or your site looks like this, where the visitor is even not getting a signup link displayed:

Screenshot with AdGuard


Without AdGuard it looks like this:

Screenshot without AdGuard

I have especially used the site, because this site looks like from an absolutely beginner. But even more professional sites are making the same impression. If we take a look at the Alexa ranking, then we see that the site is a big secret in the world wide web. With one link in and a world wide ranking of 4,264,637 does not come more than one visitor each month to the domain. Alexa makes a daily ranking.

Alexa ranking of


In any case is it not a good idea to use some free hosting services instead of using our own idea. It makes for the visitors the impression that you even not earn enough money for paying the domain fees. How do you convince the visitors from the opposite in this case?

Other negative examples are the pages where a showman and self-glorifier like to explain in a video how much money he is earning. You’ll not find on such pages some information that can convince you for signing up. Such pages are only time waster.  If I see such a page I close immediately the site. If they are not able to promote the product with a description the promised is not interesting already. In such a case I even don’t check the Alexa site ranking of the landing page or the main page.

Other time wasters are the self-glorifier which even doesn’t know that the world has 24 time zones. Such stupid ones are setting up webinars for getting more information only in their own area. They will never get international customers or affiliates.

The same stupid time wasters are only promoting the maximum possible earnings and not the products. If I don’t know the product then I need not sign up. How can I promote a product or a system which is not fitting to my products, services or existing mailing list receivers? How can I promote a product from which I know nothing?

Videos and pictures are not getting indexed from the search engines. Such sites can only get promoted by using the social networks. Why should someone waive the visitors coming to the site from the search engines? Such systems are not working. Such systems can only survive from membership fees, Why should someone work and pay for such a system?


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