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by Rudolf Faix 7. December 2019 08:17

Recently I found a Facebook posting, promoting an easy way for making money by writing some postings for the community of Uptrennd. A research at Google about uptrennd.com did not bring back some serious negative results. So I have signed up for making some testing with them.

Here a similar the promotion made from December 7, 2019:

EARN MONEY FREE!!! 10$ / 100$ / OR 1000$ !!! New news page paying in 1UP TOKENS, with a value of $ 0.010 when you register you earn 200 1UP. you can win without limits ... thousands of dollars! It is very good and 100% real, I invite you to earn money! Instant removable!

Here a screenshot from the offer from Jorge Didencu made in the Facebook group Earn Money Online (German "Gestern" has the English translation yesterday):

That the promotion made from Jorge Didencu is already a scam can get seen on the fact, that you get only 100 1UP for signing up and one 1UP has actual only the value of US$ 0,001287. If you are following the charts, then you'll see that 1UP is losing permanently his value. Simple klick on the picture below to get an actual exchange rate:

Don't think that you are able to make more money by inviting people to the Uptrennd community. You get only 100 1UP (actually around US$ 0.13) for each victim, who is following your invitation link. But you need to reach at least Level 5 inside the system, which will cost you 576 1UPs. I needed by myself 11 days to earn this amount of 1UPs for spending them for leveling up. With other words, you are working free of charge during this time.

At the end of November, I made a statistic about the leaderboard from Uptrennd. There are the top 100 earners listed. They made all together 150,707 1UPs, which are today representing a value of US$ 193.95 or with other words each one of the top 100 earners made in average an earning of US$ 1.94. LOL

Another statistic about Uptrennd, I made is not flattering for Uptrennd too. You can find the results at uptrennd.com: Some times the truth hurts.

That the Uptrennd community is nothing else than a community of ass-kissers, can get shown in the case of one of the admins with the name Dotun Deetee. He has yesterday published as an actual news an article with the title BrainiacChess Giveaway: The future of Chess Game & Chess Community and got for this article until now 394 1UP. I understand that even for naked ones are US$ 0.51 (394 1UP * 0.001287 US$) a lot and the income needs to get protected. Sorry, but I'm giving higher gratuities to others.

The problem is only, that the coin CHESS exists already since June 2016 and the domain brainiacchess.network got created on April 8, 2019. Taking a look at the white paper from BrainacChess, then everybody can see, that they have been using crypto currencies since beginning. So where are really the news are getting found in this posting?

Exactly this brainless admin called a posting about press releases from WisdomTree Europe and the Swiss bank Swissquote simple fake news. My simple opinion about him is, that even for him is intelligence not commercially available.

In any case you are only getting paid, if you have a KYC number (Know Your Customer). Such a number is only in a few countries available and for me is it unknown if the KYC number from other countries is compatible with the US one. So, someone living outside of the US, will not really have really a big chance getting paid for his work.


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