Affiliates Marketing Scammer

by Rudolf Faix 29. June 2015 11:54

MoneyAffiliate Marketers are you really so stupid and believe that someone, which finds a system where he can generate unlimited income streams, will share it with you over the social networks? 

If one will doing this then he is nothing else then a stupid egghead! 

If you get such offers, then this one which has made the offer, needs you, your money, your workforce or both for getting an income by himself. What will happen with you is for him not important as long as you are able to generate income for him. Sorry, but this is the bitter truth.

There is no "holy grail" for making money available. If such a holy grail gets found you can be sure that the government will do everything what is possible to stop this opportunity. Otherwise the world economics would break down and the money will lose its value.

So why are you so stupid in believe in such systems?
The provided proofs are nothing else than fakes. Yesterday I have found such a fake which could get easily proofed. The first payout has been before the domain got registered. You can find the article here. Why the other proofs should not be faked? Everybody can create an evidence which is looking good and real by using a computer. You are not able to inspect or check it back.

Are the hawker videos impressing you?
Videos are making only this people, which did not learn to write and to read. Such time-waster videos are made from hawker and they try to convince you with a lot psychological tricks mixed up with meaningless words to be a part of their system. They only like to get your money and/or your workforce. The best system for them will be that you pay, invest and work for them! Take a look at the most sites. There are nothing else then a caption, a video and a field where you have to drop your email address if you like to get redirected to next information. Videos cannot get indexed by the search engines. Only written words are getting indexed.

Why are the owner of these video-sites waiving the traffic from the search engines?
These scammer need to make fast business and disappear immediately before they can get captured by the police. For this they are not interested into the traffic from search engines. The expected life time of such a site is only a few weeks or months. That is too short to get a good search engine ranking. Most of the sites are using a privacy protection services. The inland revenue service is very interested in such a business too.

Is the promised income impressing you?
Sorry, but between promotion and reality is mostly a big gap! The promoted fantasy income are maybe the people on top earning but not the freshly recruited ones. To get such an income will be nearly impossible for you.

Why do you need to pay a sign-up and/or membership fee?
The company is saving already a lot from their own marketing costs. You'll know already which company you should avoid if they like to get a sign-up or membership fee. In such a case are their products nothing else then non-seller and they are not able to finance themselves or not able to keep their own system up and running without the fee. Serious companies will provide you even help by promoting their services or products without charging you something.

Don't forget: You are the one which works for the company and you shall get paid. Not opposite round! You are making the marketing and the sales. Without you the company will even not be able to sell something. The most of the affiliate marketing products are not able to get sold inside a store. There would be too much competition.


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Affiliates & MLM Marketing

Survey Sites - doesn't it sound too good to be true?

by Rudolf Faix 29. June 2015 06:43

SurveyDuring the last few days I have reported about survey sites which are hosted in the Ukraine. All the sites have a free sign-up and are not collecting personal information. You need only to provide a username, a password and a Paypal or Payza account. That is all to start earning.

All the named sites seems to have one owner which is hiding his identity by using some privacy services.

All the four surveys can be done by a daily work of 30 - 45 minutes. You have to watch a short promotion video between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. After video finished you have to answer a few questions (not more than 10) by clicking into option tabs. So the working time for each survey is very short.

For the case you like to try one or more of the sites and one of the provided links does not open immediately simple press refresh on the site with the error message. The reason for that is that they like to promote their own sites by opening one of them in a new tab and the links from my blog are opening in a new tab too. Maybe they hope the can save some money for generating referrals by this way, but I think more that they have some script failures in their websites.

This sites are only time-waster. Be happy that you wasted only time and not money by participating at this sites hosted in the Ukraine for the case you signed up already. If you did not sign-up then use your time for something better

The reason is described in the article Phishing: Survey & News Sites hosted at the Ukraine.

Here you can find an overview about the promised earnings from the survey sites from the Ukraine:

Site # Surveys $/Survey Earnings $/Referral min. Payout Report
TempoQuiz 4 18 $ 72 $ 35 $ 1000 my Report
VacantSurvey 4 18 $ 72 $ 50 $ 1500 my Report
WhereSurvey 3 14 $ 42 $ 15 $ 800 my Report
WhoSurvey 3 14 $ 42 $ 15 $ 500 my Report
Earnings per day   $ 228      
Earnings per month (30 days) $ 6,840      

TempoQuiz has still problems with their video connection. I hope they are solving this problems soon. I cannot give any guarantee how long their system will be working and if it would be every day available. I'm still waiting for the payout from WhoSurvey and for this I cannot report if the sites are genuine or not. I'll report as soon as I got my payment or the 14 working days for receiving the payment are over.

Does such an offer not sound like it is too good to be true? For me it sounds like that. It is even good that such offers are not true, because nobody would do in such a case something other and the result would be that the prices for all products would rise dramatically if they would be even available. Even the Internet connection would break down and nobody would repair it as long as he would not be affected by himself.

For this you need not search for the "Holy Grail" - it is simple not available. Think about it that one, which has found an automatic money generation process will use the process in a secret way and will not publish it at the social networks.He will publish it only if he need your money, your work or both for getting rich by himself. Don't fire your boss for such scam solutions - you'll regret it.

My opinion about this surveys are that they owner of the server like to generate traffic that they can get some advertiser as customers. Normally you need for advertising customers, which pay for the advertising some traffic statistics. For this they are offering such scam and you should not expect that you'll getting paid by taking the surveys.

Take a look at my reports about

and compare the data it by yourself.


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Fraud & Scam

Advise before selecting an affiliate network

by Rudolf Faix 11. June 2015 10:35

Turn off jealousy and the greediness for money in your mind. You should appreciate and be grateful for what you already have. You may think your life sucks. But there are billions of people who would gladly trade places with you right now.

Three billion individuals live on around $2 per day, while 1.5 billion have $1 or less every day. Seventy percent of those living on $1 or less every day are women. Did you realize that 75% of the world population is living by the lowest wage permitted by law?

Investigate all the things you have already – food, clothing, flat or a house, Internet, devices, family, friends, toys, TV, etc. I am certain you have enough food for supper this evening and breakfast tomorrow morning. You've most likely got enough change in your pocket to get a coffee at the next coffee shop.

Compare your life with the man at the following picture:

poor man searching in waste

All this affiliate program presentations are psychological playing with the jealousy and greediness of the people. You’ll find in 99.9% of all the promotions for an affiliate program the theoretical possible earnings, which not one of the affiliates is able to reach. Even 10% of that what they are promoting are for normal affiliates not really reachable. You find at their website in the most cases in the disclaimer written: “…. TO EXPRESS OUR OPINION OF EARNINGS POTENTIAL

With other words that would be possible only if the system would be running like they have calculated it. The problem is only that the reality is different to their calculation. There is no “Holy Grail” in business available. If someone finds a Holy Grail in business he will not tell about it, because if all copy it then his own earnings are going down.

If someone promotes a way for getting rich, then he needs your work and your money for getting rich. The people are all thinking about themselves. What will happen to you is not important for them as long as you are functioning. Don’t forget it, when you are searching for an affiliate program.

Each promotion shows you first how rich the inventor of the campaign got already. This takes around 35% of the “free” eBook or video. This is followed from 25% vainglory, about 5% product information and 35% about prices and gifts or additional values which you get if you sign up. All this is should get sold by using all possible psychological sales tricks.

They are promising that you get for your $10, $20, $30, $40, etc. values for a few thousand dollars. If you are thinking logically then you’ll know that nobody can give you more money, without running into bankruptcy, than he earns from you. The giveaways have no value in this case. They are only overpriced announced for the purpose of your sign-up.

Be very carefully and check which value you really get and take a good look at the product, which shall get sold. Maybe you’ll not be able to sell it.

If you have the idea to sell the product by using your website, then you need a very interesting website, which gets visited by more than 10,000 individuals for one sale. If your site has an Alexa ranking of around 200,000 then you will make, if you are lucky, one sale per month.


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Affiliates & MLM Marketing

Keep away from online scams - Identifying online scams

by Rudolf Faix 10. June 2015 04:18

Scam School9 out of 10 individuals who joined a work at home for escaping the daily rat-race, got scammed and never made a penny. The web has turned into a reproducing ground for these heartless online advertisers who utilizes misleading techniques to crush each penny out of you.

The primary reason for making this site is to help you evade these online scams. I can't stand seeing somebody doling their well deserved cash out to these deceitful scams. Scammers don't worry, I love you - grilled, fried, boiled, etc., especially if I can torture you before. :)

There are such a large number of scams out there on the web and just a pack of honest to goodness ones. So how would you stay away from every one of these scams?

Indications of scams

Scam Alert 1: Membership or Sign-Up Fee

In the most cases is such a fee only a scam - especially if you not get something in return. In such a case you know already how the upstream is getting paid and there is no product to trade. Such systems are in the most countries already forbidden by law.

Scam Alert 2: Domain ownership is hidden by a service

Real and serious companies are proud about their name. They are not using some services, which hides their name or address at the domain registry. Only private individuals and scammer need to hide their identity.

If you are not familiar how to get the domain ownership listed, then you can use the free Internet service from Scamadviser. This service gives you all the necessary information.

Scam Alert 3: A "Holy Grail" - No effort, High benefit

At whatever point any online advertiser or item guarantee that they can profit with practically no work, its unquestionably a scam. There are no such "Holy Grail" in this world that can make your prosperity for you. Achievement must be hungered by your own particular exertion and diligent work.

Scam Alert 4: Keeping you out of the loop

Items that have a deals just feature and don't indicate precisely how you are going to profit is most likely a scam. The greater part of these scams utilize this method to handle your interest. There are likely no substance in its paid substance that can approve its viability.

The most noticeably bad thing you can do is to purchase an item without recognizing what you are getting into. Whenever an item which paints a blushing picture for your future with an one page site and a deals just feature, stay far from it. You can help spare other individuals from the scam by reporting it.

Scam Alert 5: Constant Downsells and Upsells


At whatever point you experience a project or item that offers you a unique rebate at whatever point you attempt leave its business page, its likely a scam. In the event that a system or item is so great, why might it so frantically need you to join?

The best clarification could either be encourage upsells once you go along with its program or absence of value data or substance for its clients.


Programs that obliges you to purchase many, many products once you turn into a part is doubtlessly annoying.

You will first be acquainted with the entire thought of profiting online and once you join as a participation in its program, you understand you have to purchase another item to take in more about something, and you need purchase yet another item to increase further learning.

There are only no limit to your spending. When you understand that you are being scammed, you would presumably understand that you have spent over a great many dollars on these items.

Scam Alert 6: Fake or Scammy photographs or testimonials

There are numerous projects out there that uses fake testimonials and they will utilize a little worded disclaimer to say that the item testimonials are not 100% authentic. Be careful with those.

Item proprietors who claim they made a fortune online and claim that they will show you how to do it, however uses fake names and photographs to cover their character without a doubt have something to stow away. So please stay far from those items.

Scam Alert 7: High influenced deals

On the off chance that an item or project tries to persuade you that this is a "limited time" offer and you need to act now. Don't! Take as much time as required, it is only a promoting trick.

I'm not saying that all the projects that uses this advertising strategy is a scam. I'm trying to say that you ought to take as much time as required to completely comprehend what you are needing before settling on a choice.

Scam Alert 8: Does not offer support

Product support is the most critical variable to judge the value of the project enrollment. Continuously test the item bolster highlight in the project. It is constantly great to realize that you will be well dealt with once you turn into an individual from the project.

Any honest to goodness system would spend additional push to answer to every one of your inquiries. As a guide, a project merits joining on the off chance that you can get an answer to your inquiries inside of 2 days (the speedier the better).

Scam Alert 9: Impossible to Contact

On the off chance that a system or item don't give any contact data, Run! Flee a long way from the system. High risk that it is a scam.

On the off chance that you would have paid cash to join the participation, and even most exceedingly awful, the enrollment installment is a repeating installment. Bad fortunes for you. Ideally you can scratch off the membership through your credit card organization.

No authentic business will conceal their contact data from you in light of the fact that validity to a real business is vital.

Scam Alert 10: Flaunting pictures or videos of Mansion, rich autos and so forth

Try not to be tricked by all these decent "toys" the "masters" presentation to you. All these are only an approach to tempt your inward eagerness to need the things the "masters" have.

Continuously take enthusiasm for the item itself and not the business pitches or all the garish "toys" the masters display to you.

Most honest to goodness projects will offer free trial for you to test the item. Continuously take as much time as required to test it before settling on a choice.

A Rule of Thumb

Continuously do research before joining an item or system. You can begin your examination by searching the accompanying into Google:

  • product scam
  • product fraud
  • product complaints
  • does product work
  • product review
  • product training
  • product price
  • product cost
  • product legit
  • is product worth the money
  • is product any good


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